Romance Novels in Color gave My Sexy Sensei FIVE Stars!

My Sexy Sensei, penned by Fran Lee, is an adorable, sizzling read. Ms. Lee has skillfully delivered to her audience an easy, enjoyable narrative loaded with various electrifying exhibitions of physical energy. I felt at home with Ms. Lee’s lyrical writing style and her method for stimulating all five senses. The storyline is engaging and possesses a balance of the good, the bad, and the ugly, combined with the story elements that keep a reader engaged. The story is very sensuous and there’s more than enough sparks between James Rhee and Lisa Hampton to provide warmth for a mature audience during an arctic blast. Lisa and James have an irresistible chemistry that they try to restrain. Lisa’s skills in the classroom with her karate students are masterful and her male colleagues are impressed. Jose, one of the handsome Latino instructors, can’t wait to pin Lisa on the mats.

I appreciated the physical, emotional strength and sincere sense of independence of My Sexy Sensei’s main character, Lisa Hampton, throughout the story. Lisa is a Caucasian woman who is petite, attractive, self-reliant, analytical, feisty, and a brown belt martial artist.

James Rhee is a handsome, taller than average, Korean gentleman with his own martial arts school. James is smart enough to detect a talented martial artist, regardless of their race and gender.

Ms. Lee does a great job of connecting the cultural characteristics of her characters and this sense of cultural inclusion touched my heart as I ripped through this sexy novel.

My Sexy Sensei brings the reader laughter, adventure, plenty of lust-filled events, and a sense of trust and commitment. The message of resisting temptation, and avoiding giving breath and energy to gossip and negativity is a powerful one. If you relish reading a narrative with a strong heroine, cultural diversity, laughter, heart-warming bonding and explosive carnal energy, you will undoubtedly be delighted reading My Sexy Sensei.

-Reviewed by Rhonda
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Tags: 5 stars,asian hero,contemporary romance,erotic,interracial romance/multicultural romance